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While many dog owners feed their pets commercial pet food, quite often on the advice of a veterinarian that really has not much training in nutrition, there is a growing number of dog and other pet owners that are being to realize that a natural raw diet is what is best for their dog. 

Owners of dogs that are feeding a raw meat and natural diet are discovering many benefits that include less trips to the vet (which means less vet bills!), increased energy, improved coat, and fewer diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and other ailments that commercially produced kibble and canned food fed dogs.  For me personally, feeding my Boston Terrier puppy a raw meat diet has meant less flatulence! Yes, Boston Terriers are known for their excessive farting – partly blamed on the shape of their head and the fact that they may take more air in to their system when eating.  Well, since feeding my Boston Terrier a diet of meat bones, ground meat and bones, organs such as liver, heart and kidney, tripe and raw eggs, my Boston Terrier hardly farts at all!

Another advantage is the fact that his stools are smaller and not as gooey sticky. Although originally I had him on a so-called premium brand of commercial kibble, his stools caused him problems in that they would stick to his tail on the way out – a health hazard in of itself – not to mention having to clean up that area manually before letting him back into the house.  It's been my experience thus far that Beans (the Boston Terrier pup's name) has improved energy, has eased into a natural raw meat and bones diet very well, and it has not been as difficult as I thought it might be when I first started researching it.

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I am convinced that a raw meat and bones diet is the superior way to feed your pets including dogs, cats and ferrets.

I KNOW that my Boston Terrier dog is thanking me for getting him onto a raw meat diet which consists of a variety of foods! Instead of the same old same old processed, chemically modified, and who knows what's in it exactly (there could even be euthanized pets in commercial dog food – all we know is that some of it is "meat by-products" and much of it is not stuff that is not considered suitable for human consumption. So… right, let's get this straight… commercial dog and other pet foods are using sub-standard meat by-products in their so called "premium" commercial foods, getting the cheapest and least expensive by products, adding some vitamins and minerals that their processing destroyed in the first place, and selling and marketing it to us a healthy diet for your pet, at their premium price! 

Not only that, they mix rice and other grains into their pet foods – tell me – when was the last time your dog had a great time slurping up corn? How many dogs run through rice patties, eager to consume the stuff? Their digestive system is simply not made for consuming grains including corn and rice! Canines in the wild aren't exactly ripping up the corn fields, are they? Farmers are concerned about wild canines getting into the chicken coops, or attacking sheep, goats and smaller cows – when was the last time you heard about a farmer complaing about a pack of wolves or coyotes ruining his crop of corn? Last I heard, and what I keep reading about, it's the deer that are doing that!

By feeding your pet a diet of commercial dog food, it's quite possible you are doing your dog more harm (although the commercial pet food companies don't want you to realize that, and we'll have more on that soon and how they use scare tactics and logical fallacies to try to prevent you from giving them your money).  Think about this: How long has mankind been keeping dogs as pets and best friends? The answer is long before there were ever commercial pet food companies! What did your grandpa and great-grandpa feed their best friend with? Commercial dog food? No… they went to the butcher and were able to get raw meaty bones! Did Grandpa and Great-Grandpa have to make regular visits to the Veterinarian, or have their dog's teeth cleaned, or ever had to think about brushing their dog's teeth?  That's laughable, isn't it?

Did your grandpa or great-grandpa die of food poisoning because of how he fed his best friend? Did your grandpa's or great-grandpa's best friend die of food poisoning?  I bet not!

Seriously, get all the facts on a raw meat and food diet for your dog by clicking here.

I'll add more information as I come across it below as well – and my own experiences in switching Beans to a raw meat and bones diet, and what I do to supplement it with such things as green tripe and raw eggs on this site.  I can tell you that following a guide to feeding a raw meat diet to Beans has not been that difficult. Quite often, Beans gets to eat what I'm eating – or part of it anyhow.  He just gets to eat it before I do because he gets it raw.  And after his meals, he's usually doing a happy dance, and is obviously very happy!  It is so obvious as well that he enjoys the taste of a variety of foods – just like wild canines do – and just like you do! How would you like to be a fed of ground up mixture of "stuff" every day, that never changes, nothing new, no favorites, and so very boring? Would you like to be fed a diet that consisted of processed chunks of bits and bites, that were supposed to have all the nutrients added back in after the processing destroyed the original nutrients, and all three meals a day tasted the same? I suppose you could exist on such a thing, but would you be happy? I suppose you could be happy if you knew nothing else, and maybe you'd be quite fine on a diet of processed rice, corn, peas, vegetables like brocolli, and some meat added in – and after the processing, artifical nutrients added back to the stuff to try to ensure you had a basic level of "healthiness" – and new nothing else but how that tasted to you.  Imagine eating three meals a day a diet  of processed oatmeal, brocolli, apples, oranges, a few grapes for some anti-oxidants (which get lost in the processing), some seafood, and some beef – and it's all mixed together, heated, processed, some preservatives added, and then to try to add back into what the processing destroyed, some artifical vitamins, some minerals, and perhaps some drops of fish or flax oil, and you were expected to eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Well, if you are feeding this to your pet, this is exactly what you are doing! There is no variety, there are no new taste experiences, there is no variety in taste, and there are only very boring meals simply to fill a hungry tummy – that's what you are doing to your "best friend!" And you are making large corporations (which sponsor a variety of Veterinary organizations) very rich, in doing so!  You are taking away the joy of food from your pet – the very same joy you experience when you eat a variety of foods, the freshest and most natural, or a choice of an added treat from time to time.

Even farmers (and I know this, I've worked on farms and a ranch) would never do this to their cows! But you are doing this to your pet!  Dairy farmers make sure their cows get a variety of natural foods that bovines would eat.. raw corn, grasses, alfalfa hay.. some of it preserved for the months when the crops are not growing, some of it fermented in silos, and includes grains as well.

Why don't the commercial pet foods also create a so called "premium food" that cows can eat? Because it is ludicrous to think they can! All cows, even those that humans use, do best on a variety of foods that include all their natural diets! A mixture of this and that, all raw, unprocessed. Why is your pet dog, your so called "best friend," any different? Because the commercial producers want you to believe that!

When I worked on a ranch in Alberta, our horses were fed grains… grains that grew locally – as well as fed on the grass that grew in the grazing fields. They were also fed hay that we stored. Why don't the pet food manufacturers just simply put together a diet of a bunch of pellets that consists of processed hay, grass, grains  that include wheat and barley, and tell farmers that is what they should feed their horses every day?


Why? Because those interested in the well being of their livestock, because their incomes depend on it, wouldn't buy into it!  They instinctively know that  a mixture of corn, wheat, barley, alfalfa hay, and grass, in a pellet form, with the nutrients destroyed and then added back in artificially, isn't going to cut it.  Yet that is what we as consumers are expected to believe is what is best for our pet dogs, cats and ferrets.

What do you think? Are you ready to explore a more natural, a more healthy diet for your pet? If you are not, why are you not? What do you fear? Here's a guide that will help you get started right away.. and you will see enormous improvents in your pet – within a very short period of time – and – many many others are discovering that it's not only safe, it's the best!


Your Guide To Natural Pet Feeding. Click Here.


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